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. Why do many fairy tales and myths contain archetypal narrative patterns?
(1 point)
The stories were all written by the same author.
Patterns made the stories easier to remember and tell.
Early storytellers were controlled by powerful rulers.
Early storytellers had little imagination.
2. Based on the story of Prometheus, which personal quality was admired in the cultural context of ancient Greece?
(1 point)
3. What does the myth of Pandora explain?
(1 point)
the origin of beauty
the origin of evil
the origin of gifts
the origin of marriage
4. What is one aspect of ancient Greek culture that is important in the myth of the Great Flood?
(1 point)
an oracle, or message from a Greek goddess
an athletic competition called the Olympic Games
the grape leaves and goat cheese of the ancient Greek diet
the democratic government of the ancient Greek city states
5. Which best describes “The Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog” as a myth?
(1 point)
A hero with supernatural strength goes on a quest and makes a discovery.
A hero with supernatural strength commits a transgression and is punished.
A lonely boy goes on a quest and makes a discovery.
A lonely boy commits a transgression and is punished.
6. How do people treat Long Arrow at the beginning of “The Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog”?
(1 point)
They cherish and honor him.
They neglect and reject him.
They fear and obey him.
They do not know that he exists.
7. Why is chief Good Running an important character in this myth?
(1 point)
He adopts Long Arrow and prepares the boy for his quest.
He saves Long Arrow from wild horses and teaches him to tame them.
He gives Long Arrow a map and his rainbow-colored belt.
He introduces Long Arrow to the spirit people and reveals their secrets.
8. Which question about the culture of the Blackfeet does “The Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog” answer?
(1 point)
What customs and ceremonies were important to the Blackfeet?
What customs were important to enemies of the Blackfeet?
Why did the Blackfeet first settle in the Great Plains?
Why did the Blackfeet first begin hunting buffalo?
9. What characteristics does Mari Djata share with many other epic heroes?
(1 point)
He is an orphan who is adopted by a wise man.
He is a younger brother who is cruelly treated by an older brother.
He has a high position in society, but he must overcome a special burden.
He has a low position in society, but he has a great talent.
10. How does Mari Djata demonstrate his heroic qualities in Sundiata?
(1 point)
He goes on a long quest to prove his courage.
He leads an army into battle to show his loyalty.
He kills a lion to save his community.
He uproots a tree to defend his mother’s honor.
11. Why was the iron bar that helps Mari Djata walk made years in advance?
(1 point)
It was a popular item in the village.
It was destined that Mari Djata would use it one day.
It was used as a support beam in the palace.
It was originally made for Mari Djata’s brother.
12. Based on the Ramayana, what technique was used in ancient India to overcome bodily discomfort?
(1 point)
herbal medicine
sacrificial offerings
13. How does Rama prove himself to be an epic hero?
(1 point)
by killing an evil monster
by crossing a desert without food or water
by sacrificing his life for his brother
by becoming the sage’s servant
14. In “Cupid and Psyche,” why is Venus angry with Psyche?
(1 point)
Psyche believes that she is more beautiful than Venus.
Psyche desires to be immortal so that she might marry Cupid.
Psyche has stopped coming to the temple to worship Venus.
Psyche is so beautiful that men have begun to worship her.
15. In “Ashputtle,” what is archetypal about the king’s celebration?
(1 point)
Everyone is invited to it.
It is a just reward for the king.
It takes place in a mysterious palace.
It lasts three days.
16. What lesson about life can we learn from both “Ashputtle” and “Cupid and Psyche”?
(1 point)
Obey your parents.
Rely only on yourself.
Everyone needs help at times.
Dreams never come true.
Vocabulary and Grammar
17. Which is the best meaning of the word fathom as it is used in the following sentence from the selection?

God has his mysteries which none can fathom.
(1 point)
18. What does nimbly mean in this sentence from “Ashputtle”?

She climbed among the branches as nimbly as a squirrel and the king’s son didn’t know what had become of her.
(1 point)
19. In “Ashputtle,” the stepsisters plague Ashputtle with demands. What does plague mean?
(1 point)
20. If you wanted to unify people with different points of view, what would you do?
(1 point)
compare them
criticize them
bring them together
keep them apart
21. Which of the followis a compound sentence?
(1 point)
Prometheus gives a special

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